Overview of the Workshop

Some "Good to Know" Information

This online workshop is based on a real-life highly interactive 7 1/2 hour workshop held in Hawaii, which was video recorded. The identity of the participants has been kept confidential. The video material has been edited in such a way that this online workshop comes across as just you, the learner, and me, the presenter, being the only two present.

Structure of the Workshop

The workshop has a definite structure to it. It has been designed to make the technology behind delivering it as unobtrusive as possible. The objective is for you to focus on engaging with the material rather than being distracted by the delivery technology.

The main focus of the workshop is the 16-lessons, depending upon the workshop version you purchased. (For the FREE and BASIC versions only a limited number of lessons are included.)

The lessons build upon each other. The early lessons provide vital and comprehensive background information which support the later lessons which take you through an intense process to reclaim your freedom. You are highly encouraged to not skip over lessons.

Learning is enhanced when approached from a place free of judgement, a place I call "deep curiosity".

The workshop has been structured as follows:

Session 1: Welcome and Overview

This session (which you are currently in) provides background information on the workshop and how to get maximum value out of your purchase.

Session 2: Introduction to the Workshop

This session introduces the workshop, discusses the agenda and the program, and invites you to download, print and sign the Agreement, as though you are physically in the class. This is a powerful way of energetically connecting you to the material.

Sessions 3 to 19: Lessons 1 - 16

There are a total of 16 lessons in the workshop. Each lesson runs over one session, except for Lesson 12 which is over two sessions. Each lesson is structured as follows:

  • Introduction and Special Instructions: The lesson starts by welcoming you and sharing briefly the objectives of the lesson. It also includes any special instructions for the session to ensure you gain maximum benefit from that session. You are encouraged to follow these special instructions.
  • Watch the Video: Each session has a highly informative and information-rich video. The videos are less than 10-minutes each, and all follow a similar style and format. The videos are a blend of me, your presenter, on the screen discussing the information together with a window showing supporting and reinforcing material. Occasionally you are invited to pause the video so you may perform a specific task. A transcript of the video is provided for all versions, except for the FREE version. This may be downloaded and printed at any time.
  • Diving in Deeper: The video is followed by a summary of the concepts and content. This is sometimes offered in a slightly different way than the video presentation to reinforce the concepts.
  • Take A Personal Awareness Quiz: As this work is all about gaining awareness, at the end of each session a short quiz is offered. Again, this helps you anchor the concepts so you may fully step onto the Path to Freedom! There are no "trick" questions. But some may challenge how well you have grasped the quite subtle, yet challenging, material.
  • Engage in the Conversation: Finally, you are invited, and encouraged, to share your thoughts and any comments you may have. More importantly, this is an opportunity for you to ask your fellow online workshop learners their views, experiences and transformations as a result of this material. Please engage as much as you feel comfortable doing so - it will enrich the experience for all learners.
  • Complete the Exercise for each Lesson: Download the Exercise Book and complete each question as you step through each lesson. This will result in you becoming engaged in the material at a far deeper level, rather than being an observer to presented material.

Session 20: Wrap Up & What's Next

Reclaiming your freedom is a process. It is never over (sorry to tell you that!) This session takes you through the options you have to continue your growth. It has useful information on how to prevent sliding backwards, and tools and techniques for stepping fully into your Power! You are invited to work with me in the future as you truly Reclaim YOUR Freedom!

There is a total of 100 Activities in the workshop. Take your time stepping through the material, from beginning to end, in order. It builds upon itself and relies on you following the order of the Activities.

(Useful Tip: It is best to watch each of the videos in full-screen mode. This may be done by clicking on the screen icon on the bottom-right corner of the video control bar).

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