Introduction and Special Instructions

Session Objectives

Lesson 12 - The Path to Freedom Model© Explored - Part 2 of 2

Because of the richness and scope of the material, this lesson is delivered in two parts. This session addresses part 2.

  1. Reveal the “Trickery of Spirit”, and what this means
  2. Explain why we fall in lust (as opposed to in love)
  3. Recall where total control is (and what to do about it)
  4. Explain “false freedom”, the place many get trapped
  5. Show how we Return to Freedom (and inner peace)

Part 1 of this two-part lesson explored the soul's journey from pre-conception to birth, and then through the critical age of four to five and onto adulthood. Part 2 picks up from here and explores what happens in adulthood, and how many people go through life crises as they find their way back to inner peace, and finally reclaim their freedom.

Special instructions for this session: It is important you have studied and understand the concepts in Part 1 of this lesson. This Part 2 builds on the journey already explored.

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