Create New YOU! Transformation Program

Create a New YOU! An 8-week Journey of Transformation

This is my premium program. In just eight weeks you WILL be transformed. Otherwise I will give you a full refund! It takes the decades worth of work I have been through and compresses it in to a highly structured and personalized program. Find out more.

The following additional material in support of the 8-week Transformation Program is included below:

  • A printable "Create a New YOU" flyer
  • A printable "The Transpersonal Journey" document
  • A printable example of what a metaphor as described in Step 3 above (The Transpersonal Journey) looks like. This reveals part of my own journey.

This is an unique program that has transformed many clients' lives.

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  • “Nigel is a wisdom teacher and motivator, who generates the energy needed for propelling the client into a personal spiritual quest in order to find answers to issues or problems. It’s one of the qualities I found very compelling in him; there’s nothing passive about the way he interacts with people.” ​Gareth Davies – Business Owner
  • “Thank you for your wisdom and insight! You are an extraordinary coach and teacher.” Dr. Nancy Fry – Executive Coach
  • “Nigel is an impeccable coach. He is a great mix in professionalism, being down to earth and respectful. He is a unique mix between the professional world and the spiritual world, a balance I’d never seen before.” Javier Temponi – Professional Engineer

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