Introduction and Special Instructions

Session Objectives

Lesson 2 - Opening Up

  1. Introduce the Johari Window
  2. Explore how you show up, or present yourself, in a given situation
  3. Show how you build trust with another
  4. Discuss where your blind areas are and how to reduce them
  5. Reveal where growth happens and the conditions required to get there

Please feel free to pause the video if you feel you need more time to absorb and process the information relating to the Johari window. It is a really useful model to learn and apply when engaging with others. It can help dispel assumptions we make about another when we first meet them.

Special instructions for this session: This session explores the concept of blind areas, or blind spots (we all have them). These relate to behaviors we are unaware of, but others see in us. When these are pointed out, it is quite easy to become defensive over them. Your challenge is to remain present and receive the feedback from others in the manner in which it is intended, and to learn the skills to share with others what their blind areas may be. Developing mutual trust a large part of this.

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