Introduction and Special Instructions

Session Objectives

Lesson 1 - Listening

  1. Introduce what listening means
  2. Discuss "rehearsing", and the consequences when doing this
  3. Explore if you really do listen, and why this is important
  4. Explore the archetypes and how this ties into listening
  5. Share a powerful poem called Listen

(Useful exercise: During the video, the presenter is discussing the topic of listening while at the same time different text appears in the main window. Become aware of how easy or challenging it is for you to follow both the presenter and read the different text concurrently. This may reveal something about your own learning style!)

If you are interested in knowing more about learning styles, download and read the article below.

Special instructions for this session: Stay alert to how well you pay attention during this session. It will inform you for the rest of the sessions that make up this workshop. You may just be surprised at how little you really do pay attention, even of you think otherwise! Feel free to download and print a copy of the poem called Listen after the video.

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