Introduction and Special Instructions

Session Objectives

Lesson 6 - The Personal Journey

  1. Explore why you love certain movies
  2. Discover the common themes in successful movies
  3. Introduce a version of renowned psychologist Joseph Campbell's The Hero's Journey
  4. Show you how to use the hero's journey for self-discovery
  5. Invite you to plot where you are in your life

This lesson introduces a very useful model for understanding where you are on this journey called life. It is a simple, yet powerful tool you can draw on at any time, both for yourself, and for others. Once again, this lesson further reinforces the critical element of awareness as you journey to reclaiming your freedom.

In the movies we love we want our hero or heroine to succeed!

Special instructions for this session: You are invited to honestly assess your current life path and then plot this on the personal journey model. This will enable you to review where you have come from, and more importantly, what lies ahead.

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