Introduction and Special Instructions

Session Objectives

Lesson 13 - Where Are You on the Path to Freedom Model©?

You now have everything you need to review your current life circumstances and plot where you are on the Path to Freedom Model©?

  1. Where are you on the Path to Freedom Model©?
  2. Identify the tell-tale emotions to help plot your position
  3. Invite you to consider an issue in your life you wish to resolve
  4. Show the position of the Activist & the Ambassador, and ask which one are you?
  5. Reveal the “grand conspiracy”, and why this is so.

Keep in mind that life is like an onion, it has layers. We resolve each layer, one at a time, until there is nothing left except the beautiful core essence of who you are, a magnificent being of Light.

Special instructions for this session: As you work through this lesson, think of an issue which is currently top-of-mind and which you want to resolve, to let go of, to be free of. The African proverb below may be helpful:

"You must act as if it's impossible to fail" - African proverb

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