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  Introduction and Special Instructions

Session Objectives

Lesson 10 - How You Lose Personal Power

  1. We will explore how you lose personal Power (spelled with a capital 'P')
  2. Share a list of behaviors that lead to a loss of personal Power
  3. Focus on just one behavior to consider
  4. Review how affirmations can help us regain our personal Power
  5. Don't forget...Awareness of your behaviors which lead to loss of personal Power is key

If you own the book Your RETURN to FREEDOM: A Practical Guide to Finding Lasting Inner Peace, page 152 includes a comprehensive list of behaviors that lead to a loss of personal Power, together with their counter affirmations.

I have no need to convince another. Stillness is my friend.

Special instructions for this session: You may wish to download the handout Six Steps to Reclaiming Your Personal Power and have this on hand when watching the video.

6-Steps to Reclaiming Your Personal Power.pdf