Diving In Deeper

Key Takeouts from this Session

The Path to Freedom Model© is used to plot where you are in the current "societal system", and what you need do to break free from it.

The workshop up to this point has been stressing the importance of building awareness. You are now invited to use your new-found skill to support you in bringing clarity when using the model. Banish all prejudices, discrimination and judgment as you consider your position on the model.

But first, it is important to understand the basis of the model, and what is behind it.

The Axes Defined on the Path to Freedom Model©

Society's Expectations (from Conformance to Independence)

The horizontal axis plots society’s expectations of us. This includes how we are expected to behave in roles in which we find ourselves. 

On the left extreme we totally comply and conform to the demands of society, including the demands of governments, schools, religious institutions, parent’s demands on us, and so on. Here we surrender any personal initiative to an external authority. We become fully identified by the system. We are told what to think, what is right and what is wrong, how to behave and what the personal costs for not conforming will be. 

This is the place where authority over us is more important than what we as individuals think or feel. It is a fear-based position. Whether we feel this fear at a conscious level or not will be dependent upon how fully we have submitted to this authority. This is the realm of the dictator, the ultimate bully in our midst. The home of the petty tyrant. 

At the far right end of the horizontal axis we have complete independence from the effect of authority over us and reject the notion that compliance or conformance with another’s expectations on or over us should restrict the way we think or what we should believe. In this position we are free to express our identity as and how we desire. This is the place where we find total liberty in how we behave and express ourselves in this world.

It is the place where creative people and free-thinkers may find themselves. These people are often mislabeled rebels and nonconformists and are a ‘threat’ to society as they do not tow the party lines. They are also often envied by those who are feeling trapped at the conformist and compliance end of the axis. 

Most of us will be somewhere along this continuum, and even this will change during the course of our lives, as we shall come to see.

Our challenge is to fully live IN the world, without giving away our Power to those who conspire to have control over us.

Soul Energy (from Separation to Integration)

The vertical axis defines the level of personal self-awareness and self-acceptance at a soul energy level. We will explore what the concept of soul energy means in this context. 

At the bottom of the vertical axis we find those who navigate life totally separated from any sense of a higher Self or any sense of meaning or purpose beyond the physical and material worlds they find themselves in. They have lost their connection to their soul-aspect. They have become separated from their soul energy. You are born, you live and then you die, they would claim. There is apparently no other purpose for our existence. 

In addition, at the lower end of this soul energy axis we also find people who have given away their power to religious and other institutions demanding they believe and adhere solely to those institutions' philosophies. For example, some churches and their leaders claim the only way to salvation is exclusively through their institution. Often, fear and guilt are used to manipulate people into remaining loyal to such institutions. In this place, we are told how to worship and what or whom to worship.

We are taught to fear the consequences should we not follow these instructions. We have little freedom to find our own inner connection to God as this would offend the gatekeepers to our spiritual well-being. We may even be labeled Godless or heretics for entertaining such thoughts.

This is where judgement and discrimination reside

In this place, we suppress any sense of Self. This process is often so subtle we have little idea this has happened and often instead find ourselves defending the indefensible without knowing why. Protecting the “out there” becomes more important than honoring our inner self. We have lost our connection to the higher Self, the essence of who and what we are.

At the upper end of the vertical axis we find those who reject the notion that we need to rely on external institutions or espoused dogmas to find spiritual wholeness. Instead, these people are genuinely curious to understand the role such intuitions play in their own and others’ lives. 

Through discernment, they have embraced and distilled the essence of the teachings from each of the great religious and philosophical paths and have come to their own conclusions. They have fully integrated their physical and soul expressions of who they are in the knowledge they are souls enjoying a human experience. They know the world around them is far greater than their limited physical senses reveal. They have a deep connection with all there is. They are spiritually mature having done their inner work and have reached a high level of enlightenment. They are the avatars of our time. These are the wisdom keepers of our species. 

Most of us are somewhere between these two extremes, and again this will change as we navigate through the journey called life. 

A Paradox: When I resolve fear-based control and guilt, I am free to fully embrace any religious or philosophical path.

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