Join me for a Hang Out Session

Let's Hang Out and Enjoy An Appointment in Power

Recall the definition of An Appointment in Power:

When two or more people come together in an environment free of judgement something extraordinary happens. With nothing to defend, they become totally present in the moment. A depth of wisdom not normally accessible is attained. Insights into pressing issues, some not even yet conscious, are presented resulting in moments of rare clarity. It’s as though the forces of the Universe conspire to support and liberate us so we may move forward with confidence and manifest our deepest desires. We call these moments “Appointments in Power”.

Hang Outs are a fun way for us to connect and allow Power to join in. Who knows what may be come up? Hang Outs are unstructured and free-flowing. We explore whatever is revealed, without judgment while remaining in a place of deep curiosity.

Only that which needs to be revealed will show up. There are no risks in Hang Out sessions.

Why not try one today? We can meet in person (if practical) or via Skype. Either way, they are both equally effective.

Click here to find out more and to connect with me for a Hang Out session. You may just be surprised!

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