Introduction and Special Instructions

Session Objectives

Lesson 15 - The Importance of Personal Responsibility

By now you may have realized that no one but you can set you free. It takes courage to challenge and rise above the forces that conspire to entrap you in the system. This lesson explores the single most important behavior that leads to rebuilding your personal Power.

  1. We discuss personal responsibility
  2. Consider Elders and Elderhood, and what defines them
  3. Define what makes you a man or a woman instead of remaining the man-child or woman-child
  4. Where on the Model is personal responsibility to be found?
  5. What work you still need to do?

Special instructions for this session: This session may further challenge some of your held beliefs. Remain in a place of genuine curiosity as you work through this material.

Reminder: I am not the victim of my circumstances!

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