You are well on your way to Reclaiming YOUR Freedom!

This online workshop has taken you on a journey. While this may be the end of the workshop, it is just the beginning of you celebrating a new YOU!

The program you have been through is challenging in many respects. Having started off gently, it rapidly introduced new concepts and ideas, many of which most likely questioned many of your held beliefs and views of the world.

Most of the material in this workshop was gifted by Spirit during several Appointments in Power.

This final session will take you through the following:

  1. Offer tools for moving forward
  2. Encourage you to find support on your journey
  3. Describe powerful programs which will support you in your transformation
  4. Invite you to engage with me on a personal level
  5. Suggest you read my book: Your RETURN to FREEDOM: A Practical Guide to Finding Lasting Inner Peace

Special instructions for this session: Breathe! You have emerged on the other side of the Personal Journey Model, the "Return". Celebrate. Share. Don't take life so seriously. Have fun!

I am free to be me!

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