How to Maximize the Benefits

This Workshop is About YOU, for YOU!

Reclaiming your freedom, as you have already learnt, is a process. Each learner is unique in how they assimilate information. Some are more visual than others. Some are more auditory than others. And some prefer to be doing some activity during the learning process. There is no right or wrong way to learn (despite what you may have been told at school!)

Find what learning style works best for you and then honor it.

This Reclaim YOUR Freedom! online workshop uses elements of all three learning styles. The videos appeal to those who are more visual. However, they also have a large auditory component for those who prefer to learn through listening. And the exercises you are encouraged to engage in will work well for those who like to be doing something.

Do you learn best alone, or with a partner?

Again, there is no right or wrong answer. Some people prefer to be left alone when they learn. Others find it easier to stay focused by working with a supportive partner to hold them accountable. Your partner is there to support you and to hold the space so you may get the most out of the material.

If you work with a partner (which can be very helpful), make sure you both remain in a place of non-judgment.

Complete the Exercises after each Lesson

Download and print the 38-page Workshop Exercise Book (not available for all Workshop options). Complete the questions for the lesson before moving onto the next lesson. Let this be your guide to how you are progressing through the workshop. The questions are designed so you become a participant in the learning experience, and not a remote observer. This will accelerate your transformation process.

Alternatively, the 187-page Workshop Workbook is a comprehensive document supporting you through the entire online workshop experience (not available for all Workshop options). It includes all 100 Activities, enabling you to step through each one as you make the journey to reclaiming your Freedom. For the serious learner, this is an extremely useful resource to print and makes notes in. The Workshop Workbook ensures you will maximize the benefits from this workshop.

Take the Personal Awareness Quizzes

The forth activity of each lesson consists of a personal awareness quiz. This is a short exercise designed to reinforce the concepts that you have just been exposed to. You will not be scored, and certainly not judged, on your responses. This is for you only!

Participate in the Online Discussions

Often through sharing our experiences with another we learn so much about ourselves. Other workshop participants may view the material in a different way, resulting in rich discussions. You are invited to become part of the community. Not only will this help you get to the place of freedom quicker, but it will also support others in reclaiming their freedom.

Take as Long as You Need

Each learner will have their unique pace in working through this workshop. This will be determined by where they are in their lives.

  • For some, this could be the first time they are being introduced to such material and may therefore need time to process and assimilate the richness of the information presented.
  • For others, they could be highly advanced on the personal growth and spiritual development path and find they are stepping through quite quickly (or at least through some of the sessions, if not all).
  • Some may be dealing with still-raw emotional events which could be triggered by this work, in which case they may need to pause the workshop to heal from anything that may come up.
  • Others may simply enjoy the material as a way of reinforcing they are already on the Path to Freedom!
  • There is no single right reason for doing this workshop - they are ALL equally valid.

By distilling down the original 7 1/2 hours of material recorded during the live workshop in Hawaii to just over 2 hours, you will be receiving the essence, the juice, of the work.

It is therefore rich in content and information. Do not rush the learning process!

Pause the videos as necessary, share with another, journal, meditate on the information... In fact, do anything you are called to do. There is no right or wrong way of participating in this workshop.

However, it is beneficial to step through the workshop in the order it is presented. The material and concepts build upon each other. This has been designed to give you maximum opportunity for transformation and growth.

Most importantly, have fun doing the workshop!


Throughout the workshop you will hear how important awareness is. Without awareness we are at the mercy of those around us. This is the surest way to fall into victim mode, and to stay there.

Purchase a book in which you journal your thoughts, feelings, and more importantly, those "coincidences" that WILL start popping up. In the Totlec teachings, coincidences are known as omens and indicators, messengers from the world of spirit.

In no time at all, a pattern of behavior will emerge. You may initially be shocked at how much on auto-pilot you have been through your life. You will be invited to review these patterns as they are usually no more than beliefs.

Over time, your journal becomes a sacred object. Treat it as such. Keep it close to you. Keep it confidential - it is for your eyes only! Be careful who you share with, as others who do not appreciate the deep transformations you are going through may not understand and could inadvertently bring you down.

All that is left is for you to enjoy the extraordinary journey that awaits.


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