Introducing the Interview

An Interview with Terra Ferrar, Oct 2018

The following video is based on a phone interview with Executive Coach Terra Ferrar.

This interview presents the viewer with a live example of what it means to have An Appointment in Power.

Power, defined as an attribute of God, directed much of the interview. The questions, while sounding quite structured, were directed by Power. So too were the responses to the questions by Nigel B. Patterson.

You are invited to drop into the flow of the interview recognizing the ease with which it occurred. "Coincidentally", it ended at exactly 30 minutes, this being its planned duration. This is how Power works.

The topics covered include:

  • Why the book Your RETURN to FREEDOM was written
  • The role Power played in bringing the book to market
  • What Power means, and why it is important we have a balance within ourselves
  • How is this related to the Divine Feminine and the Sacred Masculine we all embody
  • How Nigel supports his clients to recover their Power, thereby reclaiming Freedom
  • Discusses The Path to Freedom Model©
  • How to move forward
  • And more...